Elevate Your Event Photography Experience​

Have you ever been to a wedding dressed so good head to toe and there is nobody to take an awesome photo of you?

So, you end up asking one of your friends to snap a quick photo on your Iphone. As great at Iphone cameras are those photos never capture the full beauty of your amazing look.

As wedding photographers we have seen this over and over at wedding and other events. We try to help the guests by taking those photos for them but sometimes we don’t have the time and sometimes the lighting isn’t the best.

That’s when we introduced Premium Photobooth Studio Experience. We bring studio lighting, studio equipment and another photographer to take studio quality full body portraits of your guests.

Why another photographer? Most people feel awkward in front of the camera or may need small adjustments in their wardrobe. Our photographer is very detail oriented and fixed those small imperfections and also directs the guests so they look even more amazing.

Let’s be honest, photobooths are great but most of the time those photos end up on the fridge for 6-12 months and disappear. Our photos get framed, become the phone backgrounds and are proudly shared.

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